simple wedding photos  
back to simplicity and pure happiness.  less options lead to more satisfaction. shooting with minimal equipment. the location is a private shanghai downtown apartment build in the 1920s. the picture style is china 1980s. you will wear the same outfit as shown.  
Now only in Germany, Giessen: price 50 euro  for one shooting including 2 prints A5 and a short movie
these wedding photographs have been taken in ming ming guos and daniel usbecks living room from september 2009 till oktober 2010. the appartement is located in a 1920ies building in shanghai.
street vendors, office workers, teachers, fried chicken shop owners, chemical cleaning shop owners, IT specialists, architects, clothes shop owners, marketing researchers and public officers sat down on an old bench in front of our living room wall and talked about their love.
we appreciate and condensed everything in a pure moment and in natural light.